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What is UniJoin?

UniJoin is a crypto mixer that restores anonymity to your crypto funds using CoinJoin technology. With UniJoin you can break the link between your identity and your wallet address in a few simple steps and use your funds for transactions without compromising your anonymity.

What is a Crypto Mixer?

A crypto mixer is a service that restores your anonymity when using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. There are several methods for mixing coins. Most mixers use the simple technology of simply gathering funds from multiple users into one pool and distributing other user’s coins back to the users. Chipmixer uses the technology of Chips that have a certain value, and UniJoin uses CoinJoin technology, which we believe is the most effective method for restoring and maintaining anonymity.

Are Bitcoins not anonymous?

Bitcoins are not anonymous but pseudonymous. This means that, unlike bank accounts, for example, a wallet address does not have your exact name, but a pseudonym consisting of letters and numbers. However, if someone can associate your name with this wallet address, which does not change, the anonymity of this wallet is compromised. Therefore, when using Bitcoin, we recommend always using new wallets and mixing them to achieve maximum anonymity. There are other anonymous cryptocurrencies on the market, such as Monero, Zcash and others, but many use Bitcoin and that’s why a mixer is very important.

Why should I mix coins?

There are many reasons to use a mixer and restore your anonymity. First and foremost, you don’t want others to see what your financial activities you do with your personal wallet. However, just sending coins to your acquaintances, they can track your wallet address using the blockchain explorer and see all your financial activities. Also, when buying goods or services online, buying Bitcoin in a restricted country or similar, they can trace your wallet address, thus compromising your privacy.

How do I use UniJoin?

Using UniJoin is very simple

  1. Create a new wallet address
  2. Go to
  3. Input your new wallet address you have created
  4. Choose Wallet Distribution and Time Delay
  5. Join the UniPool with traceable coins by depositing it from your old address
  6. Receive untraceable coins to your new wallet

To start your mixing order, click here

What is the largest amount I can mix?

Our mixing mechanism technically has no upper limit. However, the processing time increases with the amount to mix. For this reason, we have limited the maximum amount per mixing order to:

  • Bitcoin: 1000.00 BTC
What is minimum amount to mix?

The minimum amount to mix Bitcoins is variable as it depends on the USD value. Currently, the minimum amount to mix is:

  • Bitcoin: 0.000 BTC
What happens if I send less than the minimum amount?

If you send less than the minimum amount for an order, the order will be cancelled and you will receive a refund minus the transaction costs incurred.

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Do I need to send my coins within a specific timeframe?

When creating a mixing order, the deposit must be made to the generated address within 24 hours including the 2 confirmations of the network, so that the order can be automatically processed by our system.

If you sent the coins after 24 hours, don’t worry, your funds are not lost. Contact our support and attach the letter of guarantee so that we can refund your money.

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How long does a mixing process take?

A mixing process can be completed at least within an hour, but can take longer depending on the transfer delay you set, added with the time of getting 2 confirmations of the blockchain network.

In the unlikely event that your coins have not been completely mixed within your transfer delay, then the transfer may be further delayed. Your coins will be transferred to your specified address as soon as the mixing process is completed.

We don’t recommend to set the transfer delay to 1 hour, as this has the least effect of anonymity.

How many confirmations are required to consider the coins to be arrived?

After 2 confirmations from the blockchain network, the coins are considered to have arrived, and the mixing process starts from there and is completed when the transfer delay is over.

What are the fees for using UniJoin?

UniJoin cares about the anonymity and privacy of our users. Therefore, establishing and maintaining your privacy is also our top priority. To preserve your anonymity and make Chainanalysis as hard as possible, we have decided to randomly generate the fees for mixing operations.

The fee per mixing operation ranges between 1% - 3% and is generated with a decimal number of 4 digits. Also, the miner’s fee that is required by the crypto network is paid by the user and deducted from the total mixed amount.

What is CoinJoin technology?

CoinJoin is a method where different people join together a single pool and together create a single transaction where each of them give coins as inputs and fresh and anonymous addresses as outputs. The goal is to break the link between input and output, so that no one can retrieve from which input the output comes. We make this possible by ensuring that the output amounts are exactly the same.

What is the UniCode?

The UniCode is a unique string that is generated when you place your first mixing order. We recommend that you use this code for all future mixing orders, as this ensures that you rotate within the available CoinJoin pools and will never partially receive your coins back from past orders.

What is the Letter of Guarantee?

At the time after you send your coins for a mixing order, we provide a digitally signed confirmation, which is the letter of guarantee. This serves as proof of our obligations and users are expected to save and store it after they send coins to UniJoin. Since your data is erased from our servers, this is the only proof for future verifications in case of support issues.

Does UniJoin store logs?

UniJoin stores information only for the time of the completion of the mixing order and only those, that are technically necessary. After a mixing order is completed, it is deleted immediately. Therefore, the order link is no longer accessible after the page is reloaded.

How can you avoid the return of the same coins when you don’t store logs?

As already mentioned, we do not keep any user related data in our database, such as deposit and withdrawal addresses or transactions. Such information is only stored for as long as it is technically necessary to complete a mixing order and is automatically deleted afterwards. Due to the CoinJoin technology, it is not relevant what happened to your coins in the past. In any case, your coins are mixed with a number of other participants in the pool and after the process is completed, it is unrecognisable who owns which coins.

An additional security aspect is the UniCode, which ensures that you do not join the same pool in the next CoinJoin round.

What is the Transfer delay?

Transaction delay is a feature where our users can set how many hours and minutes later they want to receive the mixed cryptos. This feature makes a time correlation between your deposit and payout impossible and increases the level of the anonymity.

Please note that the transfer delay starts from the moment when the transaction has 2 confirmations from the blockchain explorer.

Can I make multiple deposits to one deposit address of one mixing order?

You cannot make multiple deposits to one deposit address for one mixing order. A second deposit to this address will not be recognized by our system and will not be processed. If you want to mix more funds, simply create a new mixing order where a new wallet address will be generated.

If you have accidentally made a second deposit to the same address, please contact us and include your letter of guarantee.

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How do I achieve the maximum level of mixing?

To achieve the maximum level of mixing and your privacy, several steps can be taken and some must be taken.

Must-Do Measures:

  1. Use a different wallet address for each mixing order.
  2. Use a random transfer delay that has random hours and minutes. The higher and more random the transfer delay, the better.
  3. Use multiple wallet addresses and different wallet distributions for a mixing order. The more addresses and the more random the distribution, the harder it is to trace anything.

Optional Measures:

  1. Deposit very random Bitcoin amounts with many decimal places.
Am I safe to send my mixed coins to my hardware wallet?

Most hardware wallets communicate with servers to tell you your balance. This passes your public key to the server, which compromises your privacy – the hardware company can now theoretically link all your addresses. Therefore, it is not recommended that you send your mixed coins to an address associated with your hardware wallet unless you are sure that you have set up your hardware wallet in a way that it does not communicate with a 3rd party server.

Can I use UniJoin with VPN?

UniJoin can be visited and used with a VPN node and is highly recommended even if you use the Tor browser.

I have issues with my transaction, what should I do now?

Whenever you face an issue you can simply contact our support via the chat function. Make sure that your Letter of Guarantee is attached, otherwise we will not be able to identify your mixing order and the transaction made.

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Is there a Referral Program?

Advertising for UniJoin is highly appreciated by the team and is also rewarded! Join our referral program and earn 5%-10% of the fees on every mixing order of the users you refer, for life!

Commissions are randomly generated with a four-digit decimal place, which makes counter calculations impossible and preserves the best anonymity.

To join our referral program, simply enter your Bitcoin Wallet address here.

Can I access UniJoin using the Tor Browser?

UniJoin can be accessed and used with the Tor Browser.


What currencies do you support?

Currently UniJoin only supports Bitcoin for mixing orders, but other currencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Tether will be added in the future. However, this needs to be developed first and there is no date targeted for now.

Do you keep chat histories in your support section?

We do not keep chat histories in our support section after an issue is resolved and the chat has been closed, as they may contain information that can be associated with an individual user. This ensures full privacy protection for our clients.

Which address formats does UniJoin accept?

UniJoin supports Legacy, SegWit, P2SH, Native SegWit and taproot addresses

I have accidentally closed the browser’s window, what should I do now?

If you have already sent coins to the address generated by UniJoin, your order will be executed normally, even if you have closed the browser or window. You can use the order link or letter of guarantee to restore the session. Either enter your order link in the url field, or retrieve the link by attaching the letter of guarantee here.

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