Become An Unijoin Affiliate

Earn up to 10% commission on the applicable fees of each order

5 Simple Steps To Use Us

How To Become An Affiliate

Become an affiliate in 5 simple steps

Enter Your Wallet Address
Enter your wallet address to generate your unique referral and dashboard link. Best, create a new wallet.
Copy Your Referral Link
After generating your referral link, you will also get your personal key to get access to your dashboard. Copy your referral link there
Share It With Others By Advertising
Share your referral link with other people by advertising on platforms and telling acquaintances about UniJoin
Earn Commission To Your Balance
Access your affiliate dashboard to check your commissions. With every mixing operation your referral does, you will earn 5%-10% commission on the paid fees
Withdraw Mixed Commission Coins
If your commission balance reaches 0.00080 BTC in Bitcoin, you will be able to withdraw your mixed commission to your wallet address.

Join The Referral Program

Start earning up tp 10% commission on every mixing operation


Use UniJoin to Anonymize
your cryptos

Join UniJoin to receive qualitative untraceable coins with help of CoinJoin technology.