Mixing Operation Pricing

Learn everything about our pricing for mixing operations

Randomly Generated Fees

Every mixing operation has a fee of 1% - 3%

Our service cares about the anonymity and privacy of our users. Therefore, establishing and maintaining your privacy is also our top priority. To preserve your anonymity and make Chainanalysis as hard as possible, we have decided to randomly generate the fees for mixing operations.

The fee per mixing operation ranges between 1% - 3% and is generated with a decimal number of 4 digits. Also, the miner’s fee that is required by the crypto network is paid by the user and deducted from the total mixed amount. This way we make any possibility of counter-calculations on the blockchain impossible and preserve your anonymity with maximum security.

Fee for each Bitcoin Mixer order is generated randomly enabling full privacy
Randomly Generated Fee
Our randomly generated fees make tracking your bitcoin transactions much more difficult
Making Chainanalysis Impossible
Fee for each Bitcoin Mixer order is generated with 4 decimal numbers making Bitcoin Tracking impossible
Fee with a decimal number of 4 digits

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