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VPS Services for Privacy Enthusiasts: Pay with Crypto

Companies and institutions are now transitioning to a more modern mode of payment, one popular for its security and ease of access. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming the norm, with so many services done digitally, such as subscription-based platforms.

Besides cryptocurrency, virtual private servers, or VPS, have been experiencing rapid growth in recent years. VPS owes its growth to the increasing need for dedicated servers brought about by the rise in digital marketing.

This article will enlighten you on what VPS is and how it affects the quality of a website. It will also explore VPS services that offer privacy to users accepting Bitcoin payments and other cryptocurrencies.

What is VPS?

VPS is a virtual machine sold as a web hosting service, giving users their dedicated web hosting environment. Having a VPS means setting up your website without acquiring a physical server.

VPS takes advantage of the virtualization of a server. Server virtualization is done by splitting one large server into multiple partitions. Each partition is rented out to subscribers as a memory space that contains information about their website.

For instance, you want to set up an e-commerce website to sell your handcrafted shoe products. If you are using a VPS, you can select from the dedicated website formats one that is best suited to your business. You don’t have to set up the website dimensions or ensure that there are no bugs in your server. With the big chunk of work taken off your hands, you can get your website up and ready at less cost.

A key metric of VPS hosting is called “uptime", and it's usually represented in percentages. This metric refers to the amount of time your website remains up and running throughout the year. The ideal uptime is 99.999%. A 99.5% uptime means you have a good VPS. When looking for a good website, it pays to choose a VPS whose uptime is closer to the ideal. A VPS with a good uptime rate indicates the good performance of the platform's server, meaning it does not slow down for most of the year.

More importantly, VPS services give you privacy and independence. Whatever information is stored in your memory space remains locked from the other users of the same service. You can customize it to control access to information, identify who you want to share it with, and set the duration for storing it.

Bitcoin And Other Crypto

We've established what VPS is and what it does for a user. This section will delve into how and why people are starting to adopt Bitcoin as a legitimate mode of payment.

In traditional trading, money represents the value of a commodity, making it easier for people to move goods and services. However, there is one risk that traditional money poses: it can easily be stolen. This risk alone is a big disadvantage that many of us have experienced.

On the other hand, cryptocurrency attempts to solve that problem by digitizing money and giving it value according to the market condition and without government influence.

Cryptocurrency embodies the idea of a truly free market, with no single entity overseeing all transactions. Although they are made via blockchain technology that allows for public access, it is virtually impossible to have a single person manipulate these transactions; it would need a huge amount of resources and money.

Several innovations have been happening in the cryptocurrency market, allowing it to take the finance and technology landscape by storm. Businesses also began to realize that cryptocurrency is a profitable industry, despite the volatility of Bitcoin prices. One of these innovations is the Bitcoin tumbler technology, which provides anonymity to cryptocurrency users. Cryptocurrency services, such as Unijoin, offer this technology.

Bitcoin allows for much faster and cheaper transactions than traditional banking. International transfers enjoy the same benefits since gas prices don't rely on the distance of the transfer.

Additionally, traditional payments require too much personal information before a transaction can be completed. While this information is intended for verification purposes, it can also be subject to a data privacy breach that puts the payer at risk. On the other hand, transactions paid through Bitcoins are pseudonymous and can only be cracked by a blockchain address.

Cryptocurrency is an ideal online payment for VPS services because it is accepted worldwide. Besides, you can pay for VPS services 24x7.

Best VPS Services to Pay with Bitcoin

We are sharing four VPS services that accept Bitcoin payment. Find out why they're considered among the best.

RDP Arena

RDP Arena is one of those VPS services with a wide range of options that users can avail of. It offers a platform for Windows and Linux, making it ideal for people aiming to use VPS on different devices.

Aside from having a wide range of affordable payment plans, RDP Arena is known for its full admin access and remote desktop protocol (RDP). This feature enables its users to access and configure their hardware remotely.


RedSwitches promotes itself as having a lightning-fast service that users can enjoy. Its VPS service allows you to tailor your virtual server to improve performance and intensify security.

Users choose RedSwitches because of its responsive and supportive customer service. This VPS service also boasts secure servers that offer 5 Gbps DDoS protection.


BitLaunch is a fairly recent VPS platform, but it quickly garnered attention due to its high-security feature and ability to give users access to open-source command-line tools. These advantages will enable theirBitLaunch users to create and destroy servers, not just on BitLaunch but on other platforms, like DigitalOcean and Linode.

Although this platform doesn't offer a free plan, it has a free trial feature that users can get into before committing to it. BitLaunch isn't a platform for beginners. Some of its tools can only be optimized by someone knowledgeable on VPS services technology.

If you're a user who aims to get into VPS services as a beginner, to try and learn the basics of setting up a website, you should at least research thoroughly how you can fully utilize the features of this platform. However, it's a good platform for businesses and developers since it already has some affiliation with other well-known, reliable platforms that are known to be reliable.


This platform has one of the widest plan selections among all secure VPS services. The payment plans cover email spam protection and mod security, making it an ideal service for people looking for platforms that give enough space for experts in website making and those who are just getting started.

Hostinger only recently added cryptocurrency as one of its accepted payments, so it's nice knowing that this platform is constantly updating to keep up with the demands of modern technology. It's also affordable since it emphasizes the most basic needs regarding web hosting. The price is well worth it since it can undoubtedly compete with other VPS services in its speed and uptime.

Shared hosting, for instance, starts at only $1.99 a month. This price is way lower than most VPS hosting services that charge you about double the price for the same features and services. However, those attractive offers are for long-time commitment, meaning you need to subscribe to the service for up to 48 months.

Final Thoughts

When choosing what VPS service you want to subscribe to, you need to consider many things. Security should be at the top of your list because you're launching a website that the public can access and view. Therefore, your website is subject to digital security breaches. Fortunately, some services in the market emphasize security, like Hostinger and BitLaunch.

Apart from security, you also need to consider the convenience of paying for the service with digital currencies. The possibility of using a VPS service with bitcoin can be a great advantage, only it is important to carry out the transaction for purchasing the VPS with a crypto mixer to get more privacy. It saves you time, since you don't have to wait for days before you can start setting up your website, and it provides you with high anonymity, since the payment is untraceable.

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