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We help you regain and maintain your anonymity by mixing your cryptos in a pool with other anonymity enthusiasts and receive untraceable coins using CoinJoin technology

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Coins We Mix

Receive Qualitative Untraceable Coins

Join a pool to break the connection to your cryptos

Key Features

Our Advantages

UniJoin offers a range of advantages when you use our service

CoinJoin Technology
Using CoinJoin technology to provide the highest quality and most optimized method of mixing.
Simple to Use
UniJoin specializes on simplicity. In just a few steps you can achieve anonymity with cryptos.
No Stored Logs
Your privacy is priority. That’s why it’s important for us to not jeopardize it by storing logs.
Tor Browser Integration
You can visit our website by using the Tor browser to achieve the highest level of anonymity.
About Us

What is UniJoin?

We offer services that help to stay anonymous with crypto finances

Regain Your Privacy

Unijoin allows you to regain your privacy when it comes to staying anonymous with your crypto finances. Because the majority of current cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and more, are not truly anonymous, but rather pseudonymous.

Privatize Your Activities

As long as someone can link you to your wallet address, all of your financial activity is readable in the blockchain. It is then easier to analyze your activities than with a traditional bank.

Mix Your Cryptos

With Unijoin, you can regain and maintain your anonymity by mixing your cryptos in a pool with other anonymity enthusiasts and receive untraceable coins with help of coin-join technology. We join a pool unitedly and anonymize our crypto finances unitedly.

5 Simple Steps to Use Us

How It Works

Here we here we explain the easy work of our service

Create New Wallet
Create a new crypto wallet where you will store your untraceable coins
Input New Wallet Address
Select your desired coin to mix and input your new wallet address where you will receive your untraceable coins
Choose Distribution & Time Delay
Select a distribution & delay. The more random they are the better the anonymization of your coins
Join UniPool With Traceable Coins
Send your traceable coins for mixing to the specified address. After two blockchain confirmations, the mixing process begins.
Receive Untraceable Coins
Depending on your set time delay, the coins will be then sent to your new anonymous wallet address
Regain Your Privacy

Stay Anonymous

Buy, sell and send crypto more privately

Store Crypto
Store your crypto funds anonymously in your wallet by mixing them
Purchase Goods and Services Online
Make online purchases privately by sending funds with UniJoin
Send Crypto to Acquaintances
Send cryptos and break the connection back to your private wallet
Invest in Crypto in Restricted Countries
Invest in crypto in a number of countries where it’s restricted
Anonymity Is Our Priority

Why People Choose Us

We offer a range of advantages when you use our service

Prevent Chainanalysis
Break all links to your crypto finances and your activities and gain complete anonymity.
No Account System
So that no links can be created, you anonymize your coins without creating an account.
Dedicated Development Team
Anonymity is as important to us as it is to you! We promise you total commitment from the team.
No Logs Policy
Your anonymity is our priority. We delete logs 24 hours after completion of the mixing process.
News & Guides

UniJoin Blog Articles

Stay up to date with our weekly updated blog articles

September 18th, 2022
The Top 3 No Logs VPN Services For Anonymity On The Internet
There are various VPN services available on the market. But which of them are the best? We have picked out the three best no-log VPN services that are beneficial for improving your anonymity on the Internet.
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September 14th, 2022
How Do I Encrypt Disks and USBs?
Digital security is a major concern for internet users. As technology evolves, hackers’ tools get sophisticated, too. One way of ensuring digital security is encryption, which you can use whether you’re using a hard drive or a USB to store your files. Learn how to encrypt your disks and USBs.
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August 28th, 2022
What is Chainalysis?
The cryptocurrency was conceptualized as a free market that is devoid of fraud. However, as its popularity rose, people found a way to commit crypto crimes. Chainalysis, with its products and services, aims to prevent and solve those crimes.
7 min to read

Use UniJoin to Anonymize
your cryptos

Join UniJoin to receive qualitative untraceable coins with help of CoinJoin technology.